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Brief introduction.

I was introduced to computers in 2000 and I immediately was attached to it. I have always been passionate about working on computers and that passion is growing more and more every day. Although I work on my projects continuously for long hours to finish them, knowing the joy of seeing a finished perfect project gives me the power and desire to even work harder. Behind every great work, there is always a hard-working programmer.

My passion makes me work hard and create new projects and eventually brings me happiness. Any successful person must love what he or she is doing, and I love what I do.

Most of my work and designs are associated with creating professional advertisement and building websites.

I also though I could offer some of my projects online and share what I have created with others, hoping to see some very happy and excited end users.

Nothing is impossible, as long as you have a dream and you work on reaching that dream.

I hope in a near future I will be someone who can advance even further in graphic designs field.

Hopefully I, with support of my friend and partner, will be providing to you some of our creative projects. Thank you for your interest and support!


2D Animation
Web Design
Graphic Design

Meet Us

Two happy guys are in our team

Rasheed Sobhee
Rasheed Sobhee Founder
My goal is abvious, all i like is to create a greate and trendy designs,to do that you need to work hard and stay updated in marketing design!
S.Sindy Assistant
There is always space for those with whom i?d like to be with and help them out, its my pleasure to help in anything which i can certainly in designing and concepts.